Safety Course

Susquehanna County Snowmobilers’ Assoc. will hold a SNOWMOBILE SAFETY COURSE: Sunday, February 16th, 9am, Breakfast served at 8:30am and lunch included. Held at New Milford Rifle and Pistol Club on Franklin Hill Rd/Steam Hollow Rd in New Milford. This is a free course open to everyone. Call Brian Cobb to reserve your spot at (570) 396-7227

As a reminder:

Youth safety and training

Each year, hundreds of youth are involved in snowmobile accidents, some resulting in death. While riding these vehicles is fun, it also can be very dangerous. Because of a child’s leg and arm length, hand size, and strength, it is often difficult for children to properly control an adult-sized vehicle. Children driving snowmobiles should always be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult.

Children often emulate parental behavior; set good examples.

Children often underestimate the danger and risk because of inexperience.

Children often overestimate their skill level.

It is mandatory that all youth ages 10 -15 take an approved snowmobile training course if they are planning to use their vehicle off of their parent’s or guardian’s property.

No child under the age of 10 is allowed to operate a snowmobile on public lands.

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