The Susquehanna County Snowmobilers' Association, Inc. (SCSA) is a non-profit organization which was established in November of 2000, and later incorporated in December of 2005, to promote family participation and safety in snowmobiling.  The SCSA's goal is to create and maintain trails in Montrose, New Milford, Harford, and the surrounding areas of the Susquehanna county region of Northeastern Pennsylvania.  These efforts help make snowmobiling safer and more enjoyable for the entire family.

Our grooming fleet currently consists of a 1971 Cushman Trackster, a 2003 Yamaha VK540 snowmobile, and a tracked Can Am ATV.  The tracked Can Am was added for the 2007-2008 season and we are currently working on adding another groomer thanks to a grant awarded to the SCSA by the DCNR.  You will also find a second Cushman Trackster and a tracked Polaris Ranger which are privatly owned by club members who generously offer up their machines and time in contribution to the overall grooming efforts.  All of these machines, with their accompanying drags, are utilized by several dedicated club members throughout the season to keep our trail system groomed for a safe and pleasurable snowmobiling experience.
Our trail system is comprised of nearly 100% private land throughout Susquehanna County.  It is a trail system that operates under strict landowner approval and enforcement of rules and regulations by our officers and members.  Because of this we have a no wheeled vehicle policy and ask that only snowmobiles use the trails that we have worked so hard to establish, maintain, and hope to continue to have the use of for many years to come. 

During the off season, some trails are gated at the landowner's request and are reopened at the start of the following season.  99% of our trail system is off limits to 4 wheelers year round, so please refrain from riding ATVs on our trails in the off season.  The damage caused when ATVs tear up the unfrozen ground gets our trails closed and landowner permission revoked!  This reverses years of hard work and landowner relations. 

Each fall teams of volunteers head out to clean up and prepare our trail system for the upcoming season.  During the riding season the trails are maintained by our groomers which are operated by member volunteers when the conditions warrant.  If you would like to volunteer for either, please make sure you contact us via the Contact Us page and keep an eye on the club newsletters. 

Through the years the SCSA has supported many local charitable organizations like Susquehanna County Interfaith, The Red Cross, and the Epilepsy Foundation.  The SCSA has also made scholarships available to local graduates.

We offer a Snowmobile Safety Course yearly and have had a great turn out for all classes held.  Many young riders of our county have been certified by completing our 8 hour class. 

It is with great conviction that the SCSA offers up many thanks to our members, business sponsors, and most of all our landowners whom collectively have created a trail system that provides safe and enjoyable snowmobiling for the entire family.

Our meetings are held at the Inn at Montrose (Directions) in Montrose on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm.  Please Come Join Us!